Brand Personality Types

Explore the different brand personality types and discover your own unique brand’s personality.


The Creator

Innovators with endless imagination.
Their intended purpose of every
new invention they create is to
enable their consumers to be
imaginative and creative.

Sole Purpose

Create the perfect product or service
that will spark innovation in others.

They enable creativity and innovation through the products and services they offer.

Example Brands

The Sage

Their unique quality is being an expert advisor.
Their goal is to empower the world by offering true wisdom and knowledge.

Sole Purpose

Find the truth and offer it to
the world to share wisdom
and knowledge.


They continue to seek the best information and knowledge to share with the world.

Example Brands

The Caregiver

Nurturing, compassionate, and loving.
They have the characteristics of a mother.

Sole Purpose

To care for, protect and
nurture, and help others.

They offer comfort and security through their products and services.

Example Brands

The Innocent

These brands are all about peace, love, and joy.
They are optimistic, honest, positive, and simplistic.

Sole Purpose

Provide happiness to everyone.


They are full of joy and want to spread that joy through the products and services they provide.

Example Brands

The Jester

They offer fun, humor, and
entertainment to the world.

Sole Purpose

Make people laugh and enjoy life.

They bring joy to the world by offering products and services that enable consumers to have fun.

Example Brands

The Magician

Magical, Dazzling, Visionary.
Their goal is to make dreams
come true for everyone.

Sole Purpose

Create magical moments and
lasting impressions.

They make your dreams come true.

They do this by taking their audience on a mystical journey full of exciting experiences.

Example Brands

The Ruler

Dominating, organized, responsible, leaders.
They desire power, control, and success.

Sole Purpose

Offer superior, luxurious
products that are the absolute
best on the market.

They offer top quality, luxurious products to be on top of the market.
They are confident in their excellence.

Example Brands

The Hero

Bold and courageous with a mission to change the world.

Sole Purpose

Change the world.


They find their products and services to be empowering and are proud of what they offer.
They are hard working, motivated and don’t see any obstacles they can’t overcome.

Example Brands

The Everyman

They want to connect with everyone by relating to them.

Sole Purpose

Bring people together and
promote community.

They do this by offering dependable, reliable, trustworthy products and services that every man needs.

Example Brands

The Rebel

The outlaw likes to do things differently and promote new changes. They are inspiring and like to take risks.

Sole Purpose

Promote change, risk, and independence.


They offer revolutionary products and services.

Example Brands

The Explorer

Adventurous discoverers that seek freedom and independence.

Sole Purpose

Promote traveling your own path and setting yourself free through exploration and discovery.

They offer products that enable consumers to explore and discover new things.

Example Brands

The Lover

Promotes intimacy, love, passion, romance, and commitment.

Sole Purpose

To spread love throughout the world.


They create products that offer indulgence, passion, affection, and commitment.

Example Brands

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