What is Branding and How Is It Done?

Branding is creating and establishing a new business. I like to compare this to birthing a child. Your business is very much like your baby, you give birth to it and then guide it through its growth. Your brand is always a perfect representation of you if nourished properly. The personality and core values of your brand are essentially your core values and personality. 

To properly establish and create a brand you need to portray as much of yourself into this brand as you can. There are many steps involved into the creation of a successful brand. Here are my steps in my own perfected process.

  • Find the Why Behind the Brand
  • Find the Brand’s Personality
  • Create a Logo 
  • Name Your Brand
  • Create Your Brand Guide
  • Establish Authority
  • Introduce The Brand Online

Branding With A Feeling

Give the purpose of your brand. Evoke the emotions, give the feelings. Portray the full personality of your brand in all your content, posts, and brand appearances. 

Creating a Logo For Your Brand

What do you want people to feel when looking at this logo? To create the best logo for any brand, you must feel the personality of that brand and create a logo that fully portrays that personality.

You do this through the colors, fonts, and design patterns.

A logo needs to be very simple and have the ability to look good in any size.

If it looks too pixelated on a pen or any other small size format, the image is too complex. The logo should look the same in every size format. A pen, a billboard, a sign, a business card, a hero banner, and any other form of advertisement.

Keep Your Logo Simple

Simplify your logo to 1 shape with 1 to 3 colors. You could have several objects formed into one shape as long as they all can be one collective shape.

Naming Your Brand

Whatever your sole purpose is, or your solution offered to the world, convey that with one word and that is the name of your brand.

Branding Guideline

Create a brand guide that perfectly expresses every feeling and emotion of your brand. Include colors, fonts, shapes, styles, design patterns, taglines, mascots, and more. Always stick to the brand guides you have set. These should be used as strict rules that are always kept in every piece of content created for the brand.


How To Establish Authority Online

You establish brand authority through constant reinforcement of your brand guide. Have your brand everywhere your audience is and keep the appearance the same every time. Once your brand has been seen enough, your logo and your brand guidelines (fonts, colors, shapes, mascot, tagline) will be recognized. This is brand recognition, it is your ultimate goal. 

How To Create a Successful Brand

Following the steps properly is crucial to receiving optimal results. I have an E-Book on How To Build A Successful Brand. You can follow the full method that I have perfected myself. This is my process to creating a brand, and it works. I love following this process over and over again and seeing the perfect results each and every time. Give it a try for yourself, let me know if you don’t see great results. 


Ultimate Guide to Building A Successful Brand

See the step-by-step method to effective branding. Build a brand from start to finish or re-brand your business. This is my perfect formula for creating a brand. I have perfected this formula over the years and brought numerous brands to a successful branding strategy that works. Get my book for free and see what you can do to optimize your brand today.

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