How To Build The Best Brand Guide For Your Business

Brand Guide: What Is It?

A brand guide is a set of rules to go by. This ensures your brand’s appearance is always consistent. You want your brand to always look the same.

You need to include:
the fonts, colors,
and design patterns that
will always be used for this brand.

On Your Website, Ads, Social Media, Blog Posts, Content Pieces, Brochures, and All Other Instances of Your Brand.

 Your brand guide will likely grow and evolve over time as well as your logo.

In every piece of content you create, keep the same fonts, colors, and design patterns.


Explore and tryout dfferent fonts. Find more than one that pair nicely together. Ensure these fonts convey the personality of your brand.

I like to stick with 3 fonts: A bold font, an expressive font, and a normal font.

Keep your fonts:

Simple, Easy to Read, Clean, and Common Keep your fonts: Don’t use a font that isn’t compatible on any device, or that is impossible to read.

How To Effectively Use Colors In Your Branding

Colors can be used to evoke emotions. Use the colors that evoke the feeling associated with your brand.


Designs in Branding

Showcase your brand’s personality through the shapes you use in design patterns.

  • Triangle: Stability, Balance, Movement 
  • Square: Safety, Reliability, Contained 
  • Waves: Calmness, Serenity, Flowing 
  • Circles: Unity, Protection, Wholeness

This should be a powerful, impactful statement that offers your solution.


Highlight the problem


Offer the Solution

The tagline is your promise to the world, the solution you offer to a problem.

Creating A Brand Mascot

Using a mascot to represent your brand is the best way to show your brand’s personality. The Mascot can be you, or a character you create.

Include Styles In Your Brand Guide

You can get as specific with your guide as you want. Set certain shapes, themes, design patterns, and more. Laying out the perfect foundation will guarantee ultimate performance.


Create Your Brand Guidline

Follow these steps and build the best brand guide for your business. It’s so easy, and will change the performance of your business forever.


How To Build The Best Brand Guide For Your Business

Use this guide to discover the process that is actually effective. If you have already created your brand guide, make sure you have these key components included.

Check out my video! I go over what you get in your freebie "How To Create The Best Brand Guide For Your Business"

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